Computer Software and Hacker Essay

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Analysis of the Powerscreen Problem In our recent negotiation, my partner Dave and I assumed the roles of Alan Hacker, a computer software developer, and Alan Hacker’s lawyer. Being the lawyer in the negotiation my objective was to avoid litigation with my client’s partner Stanley Star and to aid in the continuation of my client’s co-owned company HackerStar. In addition, I would assist Hacker in coming to an agreement that would be satisfying for him both personally and financially. I felt that Dave and I presented a reasonable argument on Hacker’s behalf and, since I was able to apply some of our class readings during the process, I was overall pleased with the outcome. My partner Dave and I met on 3 separate occasions to…show more content…
We decided that since Hacker spent 2,000 hours working on the software, in which only 200 hours of that time was on office equipment, that he deserved compensation for at least 1,800 hours. We determined this to be a years worth of pay and we informed Star and his attorney that Hacker deserved to be compensated for his time in the amount of $34,000. Our optimal outcome was to concede most Powerscreen royalties to HackerStar in order to receive payment for time invested, since that would help dissolve tension between Hacker and Star and be more financially beneficial to Hacker. We determined our BATNA to be compensation for at least some of the hours invested in Powerscreen and HackerStar receiving 100% of the royalties. “…maintaining your ongoing relationship may be more important to you than the outcome of any one deal. This does not mean you should be less persistent in perusing your interests, but it does suggest avoiding tactics such as threats or ultimatums that involve a high risk of damage to the relationship.” (Fisher and Ury, 1991, pp.152) At the beginning of the meeting with Star and Star’s attorney (Mike and Theresa), both Hacker and Star apologized for their past behavior. “An apology may be one of the least costly and most rewarding investments you can make.” (Fisher and Ury, 1991, pp.32) This was definitely the case as tensions eased and Hacker and Star agreed that the continuation of HackerStar was a top priority. Dave stated the importance of
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