Computer Software and Solar Powered Watch Essay

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| Greenwise Corp |
To: Marcia Smith
From: Cory R Greene
Date: [ 5/2/2013 ]
Re: Cost Considerations Greenwise is a manufacturing plant that provides several different products to its consumers. Greenwise is a company that is not in any way affected by any trends in the market such as race, population, age or any other environmental concerns. Greenwise distributes their products to households all over the country as well as globally. One of Greenwise’s most flourishing products is the solar powered watch. This memo will address the three types of costs associated with the solar powered watch when quality considerations are made. The first suggestion in prevention cost is to add automation to the production line in order to
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This type of computerized technology can help streamline the process of creating these watches and will eliminate most of the errors that are created by humans with precision that is unprecedented. . The tradeoffs would be that this technology is not inexpensive. It is in fact very expensive and will cost this company a large amount of money. The other side of this trade off is that the company will need not worry about defective products as this automated assembly has excellent precision and will be assembled with little to no defects. The other trade off will be the fact that employees will lose their jobs at the hands of this new technology as their jobs will become obsolete because of this new robotic technology.
Greenwise currently is dealing with a large amount of damaged products that are being returned to them by vendors and consumers because of transportation issues. By adding more employees to the field to examine our products as they arrive at the vendors will help us determine the appropriate packing requirements for the solar powered watch Our company can eliminate this by adding inspection specialists in the field that will allow for inspection of the products when they arrive to the vendor to ensure that quality is still intact when they arrive. These specialists will also help determine the appropriate casing and packing for our shipments to ensure the utmost
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