Computer System Needed for a New Ficticious Business

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Your responses should demonstrate your understanding the course content and your analysis and critical thinking; you are not expected to just reiterate what is in the textbook, but to integrate the information and apply it to the specific question. Proper APA style must be used for any citations and references that you use. Place your answers within this document directly below each question and submit the completed exam to your Assignments Folder as an attached MS Word document. Total exam equals 15 points.

- (15%) You have decided to open a graphic design business that will operate from your home. You will be creating stationery, brochures, and websites for your clients.
A. What type of computer system will you need? Explain the input, output, processor, communication and storage devices. Include specific details for each component.
- Input Components – Keyboard, mouse, microphone/webcam.
- Output Components – HD monitor, speakers, and HD photo printer.
- Processor – Highly versatile multi-threaded, multi-tasking CPU (Intel core i7 4770)
- Storage Device – High capacity/performance data SATA internal storage drive (Western Digital 4TB Black)

- Input devices such as keyboard and mouse are based on preference. For purposes of a workstation to conduct graphic design, almost any USB keyboard and mouse should work, though I would recommend a mouse with precision tracking and high DPI count such as the Corsair M65. ( The webcam and…
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