Computer Systems : Setting Up The System

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Unit 3
Computer Systems

Assignment 3
Setting up the System

Lucy Valentine-Ketchum
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Font Size

Windows menu > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Custom DPI Setting > Set font size percentage

Install and run the CCleaner software or similar
The internet was restricted on the machine so we put the CCleaner installer on a flash drive from another computer and transferred it over and ran it. It unpacked and installed quickly and we ran the installed program to delete unnecessary/temporary files and clean the registry.

Deleting temporary files
Use the CCleaner and select “Temporary Internet files” plus anything else you want cleaning. Run it and they will be deleted.

Install and run a firewall/anti-virus
Updating Virus Definitions
Run the exe installer and follow the wizard. Run it and let it update. Do a computer scan to let it check for viruses and registry errors. If everything says its protected then anti-virus and anti-spyware has been employed. To update virus definitions, click “update now” and let it scan for updates then click “Install Updates” when it’s finished if any virus definitions are found. Schedule a full system scan for 10:00 am every Friday
Open AVG and go to Options > Advanced Settings > Schedule tab and select “Run every” or “Run at specific times”…
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