Computer Technology And Computing Technology

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Abstract—Computation-intensive mobile applications are more in demand with the evolution in computer technology, while the computation capacities of mobile devices are limited. Computation offloading is a challenging method that sends heavy computation task to the resourceful computers and obtains results from them, provided computation offloading decision should balance system 's benefits and costs. This paper presents the survey of various such computation offloading decisions algorithms highlighting their objectives and features, followed with their comparative analysis based on parameters i.e. energy efficiency, performance, time complexity, overheads, application support and their future scope. keywords—Computation offloading;offloading decisions;mobile cloud computing. I. INTRODUCTION Evolution in computing technology have expanded the usage of computers from desktops and mainframes to a wide range of mobile and embedded applications including surveillance, environment sensing, GPS navigation, mobile phones, autonomous robots etc. Many of these applications run on limited resources i.e. power constrained mobile phones. Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) provides a powerful way to perform such computation intensive task, called “Computation Offloading”. Computation offloading is a mechanism where resource intensive computations are migrated to resource rich cloud or server or nearby infrastructure [8].It is different from the migration model used in microprocessor

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