Computer Technology And Its Advancement

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Computer Technology and its Advancement in Nursing As nursing students, we are taught to utilize the nursing process in almost every aspect of our work. The nursing process communicates and coordinates care with all other clinical disciplines. It assists in coordinating discharge planning, education, teaching, and transition of care. Utilizing informatics and healthcare technologies is one of the nursing essentials of the Master’s in Education Program. Nursing is the hub of information flow in all types of healthcare organizations. Developing the science and technology of nursing informatics will enhance the information available to nurses in clinical practice management, education, and research. The American Nurses Association or ANA defines nursing informatics as, “a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, and knowledge in nursing practice”. Nursing informatics first got its start in the late 1960’s when the 1st computer systems were implemented in hospitals. Nursing informatics is based on information technology. Information technology is any technology which processes and communicates data. It includes computers, voice, data and image sensing, communication devices, graphic devices, multimedia imaging, etc. Information technology also entails the use of things as simple as a pen and paper, telephones, and fax machines. Computer technology/nursing informatics is designed to assist
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