Computer Technology And Its Effect On Health

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Computer technology was one of the most advanced scientific and technological inventions in the 20th century. It can be programmed to carry out a set of calculations and logical operations. Every year the number of individuals who use computers is increasing at a swift rate. However, whether computer technology changes personal lifestyle that is better or not is a complex issue and there are respective arguments that need to be inspected. Arguments sustentation of a computer technology suggests that computer technology helps workers to achieve highly efficient working style, assists individuals to release pressure and expands social networking. On the other hand arguments against includes the addictive syndrome, reduction of face-to-face interactions and serious effect on health.

The computer is essential to facilitate workers to work with high efficiency. In all of the workplace, it is the wide widespread use of computer technology. Accountants use soft wares to audit the company’s book that without hand computation also can get a correct result. The functions of computers are diversified that including calculation, painting, design and writing. Secretaries could write and print reports on computer which saves working time and help boss to absorb it carefully. Lawyers could research law provision with computer instead of books. In addition, computer can help developers to tidy numerous files. Computer could help workers to manage files according to time, location or…
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