Computer Technology And Networking Has Wide Ranges Of Needs Essay

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Cybersecurity Computer technology and networking have wide ranges of needs to keep it secured while providing fast service to its users. One way this can be done is through cybersecurity, the protection of information by using technologies and processes to defend a computer or network from attacks and unauthorized access. Many people don’t exercise enough cyber protection and get security problems in multiple ways. There are the more well-known hacking attempts where people get into other’s accounts and steal information or, sometimes, money. There are also attacks that aren’t easily identified, like phishing emails that lure people to click links or send personal information with fake emails. There are many different types of attacks that could harm individuals and businesses, but there are techniques used in cybersecurity that help to prevent and stop those assaults. An example of an older, outdated approach is Wired Equivalent Privacy, or WEP, which is an encryption technology ratified in 1997 that is now easily hackable. Newer technologies are coming out that can improve protection procedures and create a safer world. However, there are also methods and hardware that are becoming popular that make it easier for cyber criminals to attack others and cause harm. Some newer technologies that are impacting cybersecurity in many ways are artificial Intelligence, deception technologies, Graphics Processing Units, and quantum computing. Artificial Intelligence The world of
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