Computer Technology For Home And Business

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When discussing Network security, it is not much different then home, business, work, and personal security. Sometimes they are used together in ways to protect the safety of lives and important information on documents or files that are personal or proprietary. In the past before the age of computers and most importantly a network and internet, most people used security alarms, security guards, safes and locks to protect. With this day and age, the technology being used has been transformed in to the digital future. Information systems are the overall aspect of computer technology for home and business. The methods used to attack and protect a computer or network from vulnerabilities or threats will be discussed. Some of the findings that can be associated with the security do to vulnerabilities will be identified. The studies dealing with the subjects and participants that have been conducted will also be annotated. The implications associated with these vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks will show findings of policies, technology, and countermeasures put forth to detect, deter, or stop them. The conclusions will draw forth all the findings and results that were found during the research of this paper.

Network systems security overview
The security threats and vulnerabilities in information security are weaknesses that expose people and companies to risks that are either acceptable or mitigated. The key to understanding vulnerabilities is the first
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