Computer Technology: Good Prevails over Evil

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With the increasingly large role that computers and technology play in today’s society, there is an increasingly large concern on the negative effects that they bring. Obviously the advancements in computer technology have proved to be influential, but they also have many destructive qualities. Some of these qualities include less personal communication, complete miscommunication, time consumption, the publishing of false documents, and safety and privacy concerns. However, even though there are many serious side effects of computer technology, the positive outcome by far out ways the negative. Even though it can be argued that technology has created a false sense of communication that often leads to complete miscommunication, it has…show more content…
Identity theft and online predators are the most serious concerns for most people using the net. Furthermore, because of these crimes, the government plays the role of “Big Brother” once again. Sherry Turkle, author of “How Computers Change the Way We Think,” talks about the violation of privacy because of government interference. “Today’s college students are habituated to a world of online blogging, instant messaging, and Web browsing that leaves electronic traces. Yet they have had little experience with the right to privacy. Unlike past generations of Americans, who grew up with the notion that the privacy of their mail was sacrosanct, our children are accustomed to electronic surveillance as part of their daily lives” (Turkle 399). It seems, though, that at this time government interference is welcomed because of the dangers without it. There may not be ways to completely banish these crimes, but there is much that can be done, and is being done, to prevent these crimes from happening. There is probably a never-ending list of glitches that come with technology. There is always a system of checks and balances, no matter what advancement is being investigated. However, because society is aware of the problems that come with technology, it is easier to avoid them. With knowledge and understanding, the benefits of computers and technology prevail over the evils that follow.

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