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Computer Technology * What is a computer? * A programmable machine that accepts data – raw facts and figures – and processes (or manipulates) it into information people can use * A machine that performs tasks, such as calculations or electronic communication, under the control of a set of instructions called a program. Programs usually reside within the computer and are retrieved and processed by the computer’s electronics. The program results are stored or routed to output devices, such as video display monitors or printers. Computers perform a wide variety of activities reliably, accurately, and quickly. (Microsoft Encarta)
Computer Technology * What is computer technology? * Technology that consists of
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* Examples * Voice mail and e-mail, telecommuting, teleshopping, databases, computer online services and networks and the Internet * Interactivity * The user is able to make an immediate response to what is going on and modify the process. There is a dialog between the user and the computer or communications device
Computers and Communications System * What is a system? * A system is a group of related components and operations that interact to perform a task. * A computer and communications system is made up of 6 elements: * People * Procedures * Data/information * Hardware * Software * communications
System Element 1: People * The most important part of the system * Types of users: * IT Professionals * Has a formal education in the technical aspects of using a computer and communications system * End-Users * Someone without much technical knowledge who uses computers for entertainment, education, or work-related tasks.
System Element 2: Procedures * Procedures are descriptions of how things are done, steps for accomplishing a result * Manuals * Contains instructions, rules, or guidelines to follow when using hardware or software
System Element 3: Data/Information * Data - consists of raw facts and figures that are processed into information * Information – summarized/manipulated data that is useful for
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