Computer Topology Of A Network

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INTRODUCTION: The physical or network topology of a network seriously affects the network price, dependability, throughput, and approach pattern, etc, thus we want to contemplate these multiple criteria having totally different units, at the same time. However, normal ways of planning topology contemplate solely one criterion, e.g., minimizing the specified range of physical links. during this paper, we tend to propose a topology style methodology exploitation "average rank", that is calculated by averaging the ranks of all criteria. This methodology needs very little calculation and therefore the principle of topology analysis is basically straightforward. Through numerical analysis, we tend to show that this methodology will realize…show more content…
Outline of a Network Topology:
I- Overview of physical or network topology of a network
II- Different criteria used in planning for a Network Topology
III- Factors affecting Network implementation
IV- About Network Architecture In order to know and apply the ideas during this chapter, you must be acquainted with basic networking ideas. This includes the functions and options of the TCP/IP protocol suite, technologies like the variants of LAN, synchronous optical network (SONET), and wave division multiplexing (WDM), and therefore the basics of network routing, security, performance, and management. Network analysis, design, and style have historically been thought of art, combining somebody 's explicit rules on evaluating and selecting network technologies; information regarding however technologies, services, and protocols is meaningfully combined; expertise in what works and what doesn 't; along with (often arbitrary) alternatives of network designs. However, as with different sorts of art, success of a specific network style usually depends totally on who is doing the work, with results that are rarely duplicable. this could have been acceptable within the period of time of networking, once networks were a lot of a hobby than a crucial resource and didn 't directly support revenue generation. Today, however, networks are embedded among our work, home, and outside environments. they 're thought of
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