Essay on Computer Unit 1 assignment

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Kayja Billups

Professor Davidoff

CGS 1060C

6 January 2015

1. What is the difference between a software application and an operating system?
A computers operating system (OS) is the core of the computer and is more than just software. The OS controls the computer’s memory and processes as well as its hardware and software. It is the brain of the computer. Software applications on the other hand perform a certain task. Ex. Google Chrome provides internet and Adobe allows PDF files to be read (among other things). The OS is what makes all of these applications work successfully and accomplish whatever the application is designed to accomplish.

2. Describe a use for a software
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5. Why are software updates so important? Be sure to include security fixes, bugs, adaptation to new hardware availability and other plugin options.
Updating your software is crucial to the health of computer. Software updates provide fixes for any holes in your security as well as general bug fixes for your software to make it run more smoothly. Ex. Screen glitches, the OS being slow or lagging, etc. Sometimes when new hardware comes out an update to your OS and other software will be required in order to use the new hardware. Updates specific to your security software provide protection against new malware that has been found.

6. Give an example of a typical software update that you perform or that your computer provides for you. Be detailed in what software is being updated and whether it is automatic or if you are required to provide a disk or file.
Everytime Adobe Acrobat releases an update my computer pops up with a nessage asking if I want to update it now or later. It also gives me the option to check a box for automatic updates (updating without asking my permission). I am not required to provide a disk or file.

7. Attach 2 screenshots of a Windows screen, showing menus, toolbars, Windows, Folders, sub- folders, directories, subdirectories, and views. Change the view between the two screenshots. You can use PrintScreen (see the PrtSc key on your keyboard)

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