Computer Usage Policy : Purpose

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Computers Inc. provides out employees with the finest resources in order to do their jobs, serve our customers, and keep a competitive work environment. Computers Inc. provides access to several forms of electronic media and services, including but not limited to: computers, e-mail, telephones, voicemail, fax machine, online services, and the internet.
Computers Inc. provides the use of media and associated services because they make communication more effective and efficient. These services provide valuable sources of information about our company, vendors, customers, and new services offered at Computer Inc. However, the services provided are company property. Their intended purpose in to facilitate and support company business. Employees have the responsibility to use all the electronic services in a professional, ethical, and lawful manner.
Our policy set employees with strict rules and regulations concerning the use of company e-mail and internet access. Our policy is designed to express the basic philosophy and general principles set forth by the company when using electronic media and services.
Personal Usage
The use of company computers, electronic media, and company services is for business purpose only, personal use is not permitted. Employees of Computer Inc. are expected to use these electronic services responsibly and productively.
Prohibited Communication
Computers Inc. electronic media services should not be used to:
1. Send
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