Computer Viruses And Its Effects On A Computer System

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A computer virus is a malware program that, when executed copies itself into other data files, computer programs, or the boot sector of the hard drive with 95% of viruses doing no more than that. (1)(2). A virus might attach itself to a program such as a word document program. Each time the word document program runs, the virus runs too and it has the chance to reproduce by attaching to other programs. (3) Nowadays, it is extremely important to be aware of viruses because they can cause very dangerous consequences such as identity theft and fraud. When people generally think about computer viruses, they normally think about an attack on a computer system, however, they may not be aware of how common computer viruses are. It can be beneficial to know a few of the different types of viruses, the kind of damage they can cause and methods to protect yourself from them. In this essay, we will be covering when computer viruses first made an appearance and contrasting this to how they are like now on social media. Also, we will be covering how they work and what can be done to prevent the growing risks of computer viruses on social media. Computer viruses were first widely seen in the late 1980s, with earlier viruses being pieces of code embedded in a larger, legitimate program such as a spreadsheet program or a game. When the user downloads and runs this program, the virus loads itself into memory then looks for any other programs on the disk. If it can find one, it modifies the
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