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A computer virus program is altering program and it replicated itself by coping itself into other programs stored in a computer.
The word "virus" is also commonly used broadly to include computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horse programs. For example, so-called "anti-virus software" will remove all three classes of these malicious programs.

The first virus was born in the very beginning of 1970’s or even in the end of 1960’s although nobody was calling it a virus back then. Pervading animal and Christmas tree were the first. Virus started infecting files. However today virus has multiplied and mostly all are alike in a sense. They periodically kill files or ruin them in which a person will not be able to locate or ever used them
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The difference between a virus and worm is a virus never copies itself; a virus is copied only when the infected executable file is run.
In the wholesome original form, a worm neither deleted nor changed filed on the victim’s computer the worm basically makes multiple copies of it and sent those copies from the victim’s computer, thus jam disk drives and the internet with multiple copies of the worm. Releasing such a worm into the Internet will slow the valid traffic on the internet.
In the same way, many crimes involving computers are no different from crimes without computers; the computer is only a tool that a criminal uses to commit a crime.
For example, using a computer or a scanner, you can duplicate/print or falsified many identication card for example, driver’s license or social security card in which one can commit crimes with. With this machine one can commit identity theft and ruin a victim’s credit. Stealing a laptop with a person personally information without their knowledge is almost the same as stealing saving bonds out a safe that was not your .

Furthermore, there are a lot of other fraudulent crimes besides, the virus or the computer worm. They have internet online sex crime, obscene pictures, solicitation of children for sex by pedophiles via chat rooms. Selling product via the internet that not authentic or just to
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