Computer Vision And Relevant Applications

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Computer Vision is one of the most significant aspects of computer history, especially for Artificial Intelligent subject. Data, such as objects, images and video, should be processed so that the computer could recognize and compute. Thus special devices or methods have to be invented to let computer see, like human being, which means letting computers have the ability to capture information in real world intelligently. This paper discusses the overview of the Computer Vision and relevant applications in diffident fields. The Introduction part shows the background and basic theories of computer vision, and the Categories of Computer Vision proposes the several types of methods of capturing. Finally, the Discussion and Conclusion section includes the development of Computer Vision in the future.
Scientists and engineers propose that one of target of Artificial Intelligent is to mimic human being by computer technology, which means that computer could acquire the abilities of human being, such as thinking and action. So, based on computer fundament, algorithm and mimic robots were created. Sight, hearing, taste, small and touch are five basic recognized senses of human being. Especially, visual sense is one important channel to receive information and data of environment. Thus computer could have the ability to see by various device and methods.
As human being, visual perception is the basic ability to interpret the environment by processing information. The
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