Computer Vs. Artificial Intelligence

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Humans and computers both originate from man whether it be biologically or mechanically. Both humans and computers A man can have a plethora of children and also build a computer. As both his Both computers and man are a creation of man. When faced with a problem, human and computers seem to come to a solution in similar ways. In both cases, information is “placed” in humans and computers by other humans. However, knowing information does not making a single being intelligence, understanding and using some of amount of cognition does. Searle, Newell and Simon agree that computers and artificial intelligence can be excellent tools to study cognition in humans. However, they disagree on the grounds of artificial intelligence having the capability to have cognitive function. According to Newell and Simon, a computer is significantly different than a being of artificial intelligence. In their perspectives, since the way we study computers affects the way society can distinguish a calculator from artificial intelligence (AIs), a machine or any form of artificial intelligence should be studied as a living being. A calculator is a simple computer that formulates an output from the inputs it receives. The computation system is overall extremely black and white since the output of 4x5 will always be 20. According to Newell and Simon, artificial intelligence can handle a question that is far more complex than a simple multiplication problem. To be able to understand why AIs are so…
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