Computer Worm Known As ' Code Red '

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This report mainly focuses on the computer worm known as ‘Code Red’. The crisis with this worm began with the exploitation of Buffer overflow vulnerability discovered in Microsoft IIS web server which could make the. ida ISAPI filter predisposed to buffer overflow attacks allowing attackers to gain full system level access to the web server remotely and perform any action which may include Execution of programs, manipulation of web server databases, change files and web pages leading to a full “system-level compromise”. On June 18, 2001, an advisory was released by eEye Digital Security which notified the users that a remote buffer overflow vulnerability is existing in Microsoft IIS webserver software and advised them to download a patch made available in order to address this system vulnerability. Code Red (Computer worm) ‘Code Red’ was initially discovered in the year 2001. It has exploited the system vulnerability present in Microsoft IIS webserver enabling the attacker to run buffer overflow attack mechanism and take full control by infecting the host system and then executing an arbitrary code. This worm was released on July 13, 2001 infecting more than 20000 systems within just ten minutes of release and by July 19, 2001 it has infected around 359,000 hosts causing damage in billions of dollars. Code Red worm basically spreads through the port 80 TCP/IP transmissions. There are three different versions of Code Red computer worms severely affecting the security of

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