Computer vs Books

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Chapter 1



What is research?

Books are generally used before Computer was invented. During the early periods, it serves as a main form of giving entertainment, novels, making love stories, articles and particularly on providing information. As we look back on the older generation, whenever they have an assignment or project to accomplish they have to go to school library after class and explore every corner to find an appropriate book that will answer the certain questions and if they find out that the data they have was inadequate, they will find another book and search again. It may be a tiring and time-consuming enough that research yet they’ll go home with a bunch of knowledge. (PD)
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1. Computers made our life easier

2. Computers are necessity

3. Searching is easy with the use of computer

2. What is the level of satisfaction of the respondents on books?

2.1Books are important source to get information

2. Books are more useful that computer

3. Books are source of learning

2.4In books you get anything you want


It is apparent that students point of view are still unclear, many are still clinging on the information given by the books, finding computers and undependable source, but considering the availability of the two tools, we can say that in the near future, majority of the students would be relying on computers, as the technology almost replaces everything into digital form, printed books would be ‘’e-books’’, spaced consumed will not be on the library, rooms or shelf anymore, but rather on hard disk drives. Everything is on the screen, not on our hands. This could be possible, as many innovative mind creating the almost impossible nowadays.

Scope and Limitations of the Study

This study focused on the level of satisfaction of selected PUP Institute of Technology Students on learning materials. It discusses the two main source of information, particularly the books and computers. There was no intention of covering other sources of information such as people, magazines, newspaper.
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