Computerised Accounting

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It is known that, movement of information and effectiveness of information, timely reporting for internal and external use is one of the key aspects in success of services and goods provided by the organisation to its customer.

Before the development of computerised system in Tanzania most of public sectors, government sectors ,social service providers sectors and different business organisations, used manual method of recording and control over any transaction relating to financial and other activities.

With the expansion of those sectors the number of transactions increased. The manual method of recording, manipulation, producing, distributing and maintaining records found as to be
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iv. However, the study is conducted to enable the researcher to be awarded Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting as it is the compulsory study at Saint Augustine University

1.4 Objectives of the study

1.4.1 General objective

The general objective of the study is to find out the contributions of computer in day to day activities, as the purpose of the study, is to find the contribution of computer and application in accounting activities especially to public sectors, simplification and production of understandable, relevance, reliable reports. Also the study aims to find out the difference in performance and reports quality produced when manual methods were in use and that when computer and computerised accounting system were introduced.

1.4.2 Specific objectives

The research is aiming at observing the following from PPF Mwanza Branch as the case of study.

i. Tracing in detail the importance of computerised accounting system at PPF

ii. To find out t the contribution of computerised accounting system in day to day operations.

iii. To find out problem facing the accounts departments due absence of proper computerised accounting system.

iv. To find out the step taken by public sector to implant the computer knowledge to its staff so as to examine importance, contribution and problem facing in the use of computerised accounting system.

1.5 Research questions
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