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A group technology (GT) layout is similar to a process layout in that cells are designed to perform a specific set of processes, and it is similar to a product layout in that the cells are dedicated to a limited range of products. (Group technology also refers to the parts classification and coding system used to specify machine types that go into a cell.) In a fixed-position layout, the product (by virtue of its bulk or weight) remains at one location. Manufacturing equipment is moved to the product rather than vice versa. Construction sites and movie lots are examples of this format. Many manufacturing facilities present a combination of two layout types. For example, a given production area may be laid out by process, while another area may be laid out by product. It is also common to find an entire plant arranged according to product layout— for example, a parts fabrication area followed by a subassembly area, with a final assembly area at the end of the process. Different types of layouts may be used in each area, with a process layout used in fabrication, group technology in subassembly, and a product layout used in final assembly. P R O C E S S L AYO U T q q q The most common approach to developing a process layout is to arrange departments consisting of like processes in a way that optimizes their relative placement.

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