Computerize Medical Insurance System

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A CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Recent years have seen remarkable technological advance in computing, with computer spreading over in usage to various areas of life. The enunciation of a new era in computing as regards to health care has emerged to play a prominent role in the delivery of healthcare. The application and use of machines and computer-based technologies in health care have undergone an evolutionary process. Advance in information, telecommunication, and network technologies have led to the emergence of a revolutionary new way of health care delivery leading to new experience and knowledge that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries in the fields of information technology and health care, along with…show more content…
Hence the need to provide support services which add real value to healthcare delivery is highly required, giving rise to health insurance schemes and policies. For the masses to benefit from it there must be timely, effective, reliable and efficient healthcare delivery at this level. The available record shows that this has not been achieved yet. The current method used by most hospital in ascertaining insurance information of patient is still manually and inefficient. This makes the operation unnecessarily slow and cumbersome. The problems observed include the following: * Slow tracking of medical insurance information that is needed for urgent decision making and analysis * Lost of vital and important information * Difficulty in retrieving insurance information 1.3 Justification of study The idea of computerizing the medical insurance system is to fully computerized the existing insurance scheme at the hospital-end, removing the manual systems which have so many hand downs. The Computerized Medical Insurance System (CMIS) provides: * An accurate and efficient data/information that is well organized and easier to read compared to the traditional paper insurance record. * It improves the efficiency of processes such as data collection, data management, data retrieval and Maintenance of up-to-date medical insurance information for quick and fast decision making. * Proper patient insurance record maintenance * Production of
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