Computerized Adaptive Testing ( Cat ) Essay

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Computerized adaptive testing (CAT), as well as other types of computer testing, is currently used in a wide variety of areas and settings, ranging from education to organizational, and even government. The Department of Motorized Vehicles, and others in the commercial transportation industry commonly use CAT to assess individuals on their driving skills and knowledge (Morgan, Tidwell, Medina, & Blanco, 2011). When designing a test of this caliber, it is important to understand and conceptualize the stages necessary in order to construct a valid test. The following will outline the primary stages needed for a CAT development for a Road Test and Driver’s Skills Test that employs item-branching. A comparison and contrast of digital technology as it is applied to testing will also be included, and some advantages and disadvantages will also be considered. Additional information may be presented as it applies to, or clarifies, various concepts or ideas. Stages of Test Development Test Conceptualization Test conceptualization is exactly what it seems like, it is coming up with the basic idea and concept for a test. Test conceptualization will also need to specify the constructs or knowledge domains that the test will assess and measure (Urbina, 2014). In the current example, the knowledge domain for the test is to measure individuals’ abilities and skills when driving, as well as assess their understanding of driver knowledge. Another step of this stage would be to determine
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