Computerized Enrollment System

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Acknowledgement First of all, I would like to say “Thank God”, for giving me the health and strength in doing this project work until it done. Not forgotten to my family for providing everything, such as money, to buy anything that are related to this project work and their advise, which is the most needed for this project. They also supported me and encouraged me to complete this task so that I will not be procrastinating in doing it. Internet, books and computers were all the main things that help me to complete this project. To the staff of Notes and Pencil Tutorial Center, we thank them for cooperating with us in order to come up this kind of project. Thank…show more content…
On the other hand, Registrar Department also used manual system as a way of recording and retrieving student information. These are the reason why the proponents proposed a computerized system. This study aims with the construction of a Computerized Enrollment System. At the implementation of the computerized process of enrollment in the three experimentation school here in the NPTC, we the researchers get interested to: • What is the impact of computerized enrollment process to NPTC employees? • What are the advantages/relevancies of the computerized enrollment? • . What’ are the problems encountered in manual enrollment process? • 4. During Enrollment Season, How long will it take to a student to enroll? • What are the disadvantages of the computerized enrollment process? Hypotheses Objectives of the Study To provide a better and easier way for the enrollees to transact to their records during enrollment that is being managed by the facilitators of the enrollment system.2. To develop a software that will improve the old and manual enrollment process to computerized enrollment system for NPTC. To manifest the optimum benefits that the user would get once the new enrollment scheme is implemented. To present the advantages of implementing Computerized Enrollment System, both for school and students community. To design an effective and efficient system in terms of speed,
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