Computerized Management System: Review and Recommendation

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Computerized Management System: Review and Recommendation In this day and age, the right computerized management system can make a tremendous different in the professional healthcare arena. However, this difference could be either positive or negative. The wrong system could make day to day tasks of any healthcare facility exponentially longer, and make the task of training various team members on how to use the system exponentially longer and more involved. However, the right system could have the reverse effect, cutting time for various jobs in half and possessing an intuitiveness that helps healthcare professionals master the system in record time. The two following computerized management systems are recommended: Healthcare Management Systems (HMS) and Vitera Healthcare solutions. These systems were chosen for their reputation and comprehensiveness and their long period of time serving the field of healthcare professionals. Quality of Care Instilling either of these systems could significantly increase the quality of care in a number of ways. The biggest way that these systems accomplish this is by making all patient-related fiscal issues run smoother, so that the succession of care, tests and treatments is able to occur in a more cogent manner. This allows healthcare professionals to engage in daily task like data prep, coding and billing in a more instantaneous and error-free manner for all patients. Programs like HMS sees to it that "Primary, secondary, and

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