Essay Computerized Management in Healthcare

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Computerized Management in Healthcare
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Nursing Informatics

August 22, 2012
Computerized Management in Healthcare
In the past, physicians and healthcare organizations have been slow to embrace the advantages of using information technology but this is gradually changing. In the July 2012 National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) data brief, NCHS stated that by 2011, 55% of physicians had adopted an electronic health record (Jamoom et al., 2012). The Department of Health and Humans Services stated that the percentage of hospitals in the United States using some form of electronic health record has doubled in the last two years (Paddock, 2012). This is partially due to the passing of the 2009
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Nursing accounts for approximately 75% of the use of the chart and this clinical documentation is the method used to communicate the patient’s treatment plan and progress (Nelson, 2010). Since nurses perform a large part of this documentation, they are vital to evaluate these templates to ensure the system will allow the documentation required and that it is presented in a useful manner. They also will be key players in assisting with the integration of the EHR into the clinical workflow for the physician. The nurse is the most knowledgeable in the clinical workflows and inefficiencies in the current workflow. He or she will be acutely aware the functionality or limitations of the system and its’ ability to accommodate the practice patterns of the providers and the various workflows. Physicians rely on the information they need to be in the chart when they need it and often are unaware of the steps involved to get it there. This is where the nurse is invaluable in identifying all of the background tasks required to achieve this. Lastly, obtaining nurse buy-in is vital to facilitating clinicians to become engaged in the process. When they have little input in the selection process and are forced to use it, they are more resistant and negative about the change. Attitude is everything and by involving them in the selection process, they
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