Computerized Profiling System

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Chapter I


Background of the Study

As of today, we have reached the era of modernization. New technology have been created, one of this discovery is the computer. The technology has changed the different phase of our lives. Nowadays, with the help of computer, the use of robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) inclined the field of industry and causes economy and education more spare time. Computer promotes our way of living in upgrade, an ease to almost everything. In recent years, the increased flexibility and user-friendliness of computer databases make these systems a crucial business component. In fact, some universities are now using Computer Database Management System for a faster and safer manifestation of data.
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Profiling is also important, especially in a University structure such as Keel’s, as a way of helping students to steer their path through the options of modular degree courses. Students are required (with the help of academic staff) to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and to identify (using course skills maps) modules that will either provide training in their weak areas or focus assessment in their areas of strength. Overall, profiling provides a motivation for students to engage with their learning experience and a framework within which they can structure the self-led elements of their learning program.
The Enterprise Innovation Staff (© 2011) in Taiwan uses the so called Collexis, a provider of search and discovery tools, to develop an Advanced Expert Profiling System that will allow its students, faculty and researchers to connect via a Web interface and help maximize productivity and networking abilities for its combined student, faculty and staff population of more than 15,000. They use Collexis because for its ability to enhance research and teaching capabilities to identify areas of productive partnerships and improve such partnerships both on and off the campus. Other benefits include the facilitation of further recruitment and team building, achieving the ultimate goals of improving the overall

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