Computerized Provider Order Entry And Patient Safety

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Computerized Provider Order Entry and Patient Safety Student Name: Lina Fan Student Number: 500416212 Ryerson University CVNU322 Professor: Gail Wilson July 9 2016 Computerized Provider Order Entry and Patient Safety Introduction The purpose of this paper is to introduce Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) systems in health care practice, and its impact on patient safety through a comprehensive literature review. The background and current implementation of CPOE were reviewed. The benefits and potential disadvantages of CPOE systems related to patient safety were identified, and the strength and gaps in the literature were discussed to suggest further research and guide evidence based health practice. Background and…show more content…
The identified barriers are financial cost, physician and organizational resistance due to low computer literacy skills and disturbance of workflow caused by CPOE systems. The resistance can be overcomed by strategies such as strong leadership, providing trainings, addressing workflow concerns and advocating related policy changes. (Poon, Blumenthal, & Honour et al. 2004). Currently, Canada Health Infoway ( 2016) has promoted CPOE implementation among health care organizations across Canada. For example, North York General Hospital in Toronto has partnered with Canada Health Infoway to develop CPOE systems and share the order sets freely ( Zeidenberg, 2013). With public awareness of the CPOE gradually increasing, now most physicians recognize the positive impact of using CPOE system to improve patient safety , and they are willing to accept the application (Jung, Hoerbst, & Massari, et al. 2013). CPOE and Patient Safety CPOE systems have been proven to decrease medication errors and promote patient safety effectively. A study (Patent Safety Primer, 2014) suggested that 90% of medication errors occurred during the ordering or transcribing stages, and a systematic literature review shows that CPOE was able to reduce those errors by 48% compared to paper-based orders ( Radley, Wasserman & Bradshaw, et al. 2013). CPOE systems are effective in reducing medication errors by eliminating problems related to hand writing,
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