Computerized Record System

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For most people, a computer is known to be just a piece of equipment used to make work easier. But these computers are already changing people’s lives. User is now possible to see the world in a different way, to achieve new goals, which were once impossible, and to control the world us. Computers are efficient tools in processing data into useful information. These are essential tools in almost every field of research and applied technology because of their capabilities. The impact of computer varies in different applications. User can perform logical operations on texts as well as on numbers and symbols. User is made possible to process data user great speed, accuracy, and reliability. Holoein (1986) says that
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3. What system can be proposed to lessen the problem encountered at the DIT department? 4. How functional is the proposed system?


The programmer basically worked user the system and guided by the following assumptions: 1. That the existing system of DIT department uses a manual process of recording, filing, keeping and retrieving of student records. 2. That the existing system encounters problems.

3. That the Proposed Computerized Record Management System of DIT Department can lessen the problems encountered. 4. That the proposed system is functional.


This system will be significant to the improvement and advancement of the existing system. Specifically the output of the system will benefit the user the following:

ICT Dean and Staff. This system may provide accurate records of the students of DIT department. User is designed to give faster and easier way of managing student records.
Instructors/ Professors. This system will provide them easy and accurate reports about their subjects schedule and the student grades.
Students. This system will provide accurate records needed and less time consumption in searching the needed records. Parents/Guardian. User can provide them the standing of their child in the class. User can also provide them information such as the grades, the instructor and the grades of their child.
Programmer. This system gives the
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