Computerized Teachers Evaluation System

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With the long history of Chinese civilization and education, formal teacher practice is quite new because for century’s teachers’ authority and power over their students cannot be challenged. Historically, learning was the major concern of education, but during the past decades, teaching quality has become an added concern of education. There are three reasons for evaluating teachers: to diagnose and help teacher improve teaching, to help students get better teaching quality and to provide a criteria for research on teaching itself. Efforts have been made by government and educators to improve teaching quality in theory and practice. Verities of book have introduced foreign evaluation theories and many articles
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It was a direct conversation with a specific purposed that uses a question-and-answers format. Researchers also gave a questionnaire for them to answer.

In this study, the instrument mentioned was used to gather the data for the study. Books, magazine and other reading materials were also consulted for the enrichment of data from the different libraries. Internet was also used in the study.

These process aims to cover all the essential information on the group’s study.

Scope and Limitations

This study was limited to the design and development of the proposed system for the computerization of the Teachers Evaluation System.

The system covers only the computerized evaluating of the teacher in college department, number of the teacher by each student, evaluation form, and database for the tally of each teacher. CTES data should be treated as confidential information. Access to these can be authorized only by the HR, Registrar, and the School President.

The database was created using Microsoft Access 2007 and the file handling was programmed using Visual Basic 6.0.



Definition of Terms

Data - Referred to a collection of unorganized fact.

Guidance - Advice in choosing course or coping with personal problems given to students by a teacher or professional counselor.

H.R Department - The one who tally the votes of
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