Computers And Music : Computers

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Computers and Music

Computers and Music
James C. Compton
Sunset Primary School, West Linn, Oregon
August 20, 2006

Most people think of computers as mundane tools for completing daily tasks. But they are also a central part of exciting new technologies for artists including musicians. As computers improve and become faster and more powerful, they are becoming as integral to a musician’s work as any instrument. Over the years, musicians have struggled to use the computer as an integrated tool, as working with audio places huge demands on the machine. This often resulted in problems such as latency, a time delay from pressing a note on the keyboard to hearing the sound. This can be quite frustrating during multi-track recording. Fortunately, most computers and interfaces today have non-significant latency times of a few milliseconds. Today’s computers are faster, have more RAM available, and come equipped with larger hard drives. For the past two decades, keyboard musicians have been able to interface with the computer using a system called Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI. All piano keyboards sold today are equipped with MIDI. There are also popular keyboards called MIDI controllers that have no internal sounds built in, but can send messages to the computer to trigger instrument sounds built into the software sequencers (White 1995). MIDI is very useful for musicians who wish to notate their music. Playing the notes in with a…
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