Computers And The Classroom : A Help Or A Crush

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Calculators in the Classroom: A Help or a Crush This research topic will discuss whether students use or abuse calculators in the classroom. There are a number of reasons for discussing this topic. Mainly, the concern over students using calculators has proven to be an extremely split and controversial subject for professional educators, parents and other such special interests groups for several years. Since the first hand-held electronic calculators appeared on the market nearly 30 years ago, many people have voiced strong opinions on both sides of the issue in regards to the use of calculators in the classroom. It is this writer’s hypothesis that students should not be allowed to use calculators to perform basic mathematical computations if they have not mastered the basic concepts of subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. Based upon classroom observations of students in various classed, serious issues have arisen because of students who have no desire to learn that 2*3=6 because they know that they have the choice to use the calculator instead. This research will attempt to address both sides of this issue and seek to create some solutions and / or recommendations to satisfy the educational requirements for the advancements of technology within the classroom, without sacrificing basic learning principles. This research will contain information gathered from professional educators, students, and parents to support the various opinions and theories…
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