Computers And The Modern Home Computer

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HOME COMPUTERS D esktop computers were first developed on two fronts, Word Processing and Calculations. Although the modern home computer can do both now with ease it wasn’t always like this. Word Processors were first designed to replace the classic typewriter, IBM coined the term “Word Processor” in the late 60’s. The first word processors still had to print the text before it could be edited. Later in the 70’s several companies were building various types of hardware based word processors; they had small displays and limited editing capabilities. These new machines begun to replace typewriters in offices in the early years, and started to replace household typewriters a few years later. (, 2014) HP Model 9830 A…show more content…
Musicians can make music with various music packages. The modern professional can work from home, making presentations, preparing websites, spreadsheets and editing documents. These can be sent directly to their work computer or saved on a USB Flash Drive ready to be taken to the office. Some people use spreadsheets to work out the home finances to keep track of wages in and bills that are paid. There are websites like YouTube where you can watch videos about absolutely anything. Pranks, comedy, music videos to educational and instructional content. Music and radio can be accessed through various sites and applications such as Spotify and BBC Radio. Home computers are used to send movies or TV programs onto the TV, either streamed from places like Netflix or pre downloaded. Communication is a must, you can use Facebook or other social sites to text, video call, share pictures to anyone connected to your account from anywhere in the world to everywhere in the world. Skype is also used to make video calls but Skype can call real world phones as well. Basic games are widely played on desktops PC’s. You can play many different types of games on a home PC, as the home PC is easily upgraded you can continue to keep playing the latest titles that are released. (further details in the Games Machines section) Millions of people use their home computer for
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