Computers And The New Wave Parts Manufacturing

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Neokat Liburd Mr. Sirois Civics Honors 6/2/15 How do I Qwikscope w/ 3D Printed Guns Microwaves, computers, cell phones, what do they all have in common? desktop fabricators. desktop fabricators have paved the way for engineers by making the impossible possible. They are the new wave parts manufacturing because of their intelligent manufacturing process and part by part building applications. desktop fabricating also known as “3D Printing ” or “Additive Manufacturing” is a build process in which products are built layer by layer using blueprints that are uploaded digitally into the computer. The thing we can build today with 3d printing were not even possible before. But with great power comes great responsibility. With all this…show more content…
With desktop fabricating, surgeons can produce mockups of parts of their patient 's body which needs to be operated upon. desktop fabricating makes it possible to make a part from scratch in just hours. It allows designers and developers to go from flat screen to exact part. Nowadays almost everything from aerospace components to toys are getting built with the help of desktop fabricators. desktop fabricating is also used for jewelry and art, architecture, fashion design, art, architecture and interior design.” For more personal printing, recreational item for hobbyists are made. Things like missing board game pieces, plastic cups, other home essentials, and cool collectibles impossible to build conventionally like asymmetrical tops. Most domestic desktop fabricators are priced from 250$-2000$ and is definitely a worthy investment for hobbyists and inventors. The best part is that any person can learn desktop fabricating and CAD (meaning Computer Aided Design). It only takes weeks to get familiar with the processes involved using tools like Sketchup and Blender. So 3D printing becomes a very viable option for manufacturers everywhere, but is this not always good. As with all technology 3D printers have risks associated with them. A big factor in these risk is how it is digitally orienting allowing for downloads and digital transfers of blueprints. Thats all well and good but what about illegal transfers and stealing designs? It has
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