Computers And The Single Computer Platform

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Whenever people play on their phones, work on their computers, or are just chilling out and playing games on the gaming consoles they own they don’t ever really think about what’s behind the program, app, or game they are playing. The thought of what makes them up is never really a big deal and the thought of how much work went into all those tiny details never crosses their minds. It all just comes together in this one big program that nobody really gives a second thought about. Whenever I say that word, programming, someone may think just simply building websites or even making computer games, while these are correct, there is a completely different side to it that isn’t really as fun. This different side includes learning different…show more content…
Now computers can’t just use English they have to tell the computer in one of its many different languages that can be changed into binary code, what you want it to do. “These languages range from high level and obscure to low level and popular” (“Defining High, Mid, and Low Level Languages”). Number wise there are very many, if you are just counting main languages there are at a minimum hundreds and if counting all of them including the obscure languages then over a thousand. Some of the more common ones some of you might have heard of them, mentioned previously Java which most every internet user has heard. Then there is C which “Programming in C is efficient and gives the programmer a great deal of control” (“How C Programming Works”). Java is actually built off of the language C. This language isn’t used very often but it has very many plus sides of learning it, this language can be used on different platforms; laptops, desktops, and smart phone. This language will also help with the understanding with many higher level languages. The last of the more common ones I am going to list is C++, which sounds an awful like C but it has a lot of improvements that C doesn’t necessarily have. It maintains the same simplicity as C but it also has features that make it easier to write for higher leveled programs. It can also make small
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