Computers And The Single Computer Platform

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Whenever people play on their phones, work on their computers, or are just chilling out and playing games on the gaming consoles they own they don’t ever really think about what’s behind the program, app, or game they are playing. The thought of what makes them up is never really a big deal and the thought of how much work went into all those tiny details never crosses their minds. It all just comes together in this one big program that nobody really gives a second thought about. Whenever I say that word, programming, someone may think just simply building websites or even making computer games, while these are correct, there is a completely different side to it that isn’t really as fun. This different side includes learning different language called computer languages, testing out the program you have made, and having to learn to apply it to different devices and not just the single computer platform. Whenever somebody first starts off programming they aren’t just starting with the fun stuff, like the building of the big and detailed worlds for a video games, they have to start learning these different languages which they will always need especially to build those worlds in games. You know whenever you get a popup that says something like run Java or JavaScript? This is an example of a very popular computer programming language. “This key one is made to run easily and is used on the internet” (“Java”). Whenever somebody is programming something they are basically…
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