Computers Are Becoming A Household Item

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Introduction Personal computers are becoming a household item; many houses not only have a personal computer (one, at least), but also laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Dell Computers, Inc., the manufacturer of Dell computers, perhaps one of the better known brands of computers, is one company that has been active for 30 years in the personal computer industry. Dell Computers was started in 1984 by University of Texas at Austin student, Michael Dell. (Fell, 2013). The company began in his dorm room, out of an idea that consumers will buy personalized computers, rather than buying a stock item from a store. Dell quickly grew into a multi-million dollar company, going public in 1988. Dell soon expanded into Europe and Asia, and Michael…show more content…
Some of the value added factors that customers look for when purchasing a personal computer are: • customer service after purchase • dependability • price • design • functionality • operating system • size • peripherals • brand • RAM • warranty • purchasing experience • MAC vs PC • screen size and quality • wireless capability/Bluetooth Michael Dell’s original idea, to allow the customer to order what they want in a computer, was a simple, yet effective one. It allowed Dell to grow quickly and become a leader in the industry. (Treacy, Michael and Wiersema, Fred, January-February 1993 Issue). According to Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema, writing for the Harvard Business Review, Dell did three things: 1. Redefined value for customers in the personal computer industry 2. Built a powerful, cohesive business system that was able to deliver more value than that of its competitors 3. By successfully fulfilling the first 2 objectives, Dell raised consumers’ expectations beyond what Dell’s competition could fulfill. In other words, Dell made an effort to understand what customers valued and how to deliver it and then raised the expectation level of the consumers. Dell computers gaine a reputation for being reliable and affordable; buyers were able to go online and customize their PC to their preference (Kelleher, 2013). Treacy and Wiersema continue by stating their belief that companies in the last decade have become successfulby
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