Computers Are The Most Powerful Pieces Of Technology On The Planet

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Computers are some of the most powerful pieces of technology on the planet. A good computer build can run almost any video game. They can run algorithms that even cell phones cannot handle. Computers allow people to video chat with people across the world. They are quickly becoming more common in households around the world. Custom built personal computers can simplify computing for both gamers and workers.
A custom built computer can simplify computing because the store-bought graphic cards make video games run more smoothly. Gamers have relied on computers for years, and for a long time they were stuck with slow or out of date parts. Newer graphics were introduced in order to cope with the ever changing world of computers. Yet at the same time, Computers were advancing so fast that the new graphic cards were unable to keep up. Developers were met with a challenge. A card with the ability to keep up with changing computers for years was needed. Developers took the challenge, and after a lot of hard work, developers released new graphic cards that were able to keep up with the ever changing computer world for years. This also gave gamers a choice when building computers. Gamers would have the choice to “Set aside at least a few hundred dollars for a graphics card with at least 4GB of VRAM” (Digitaltrends). Or choose to save money on a card that would need to be replaced a couple months down the road. Although these cards were now able to keep up with the demand of gamers,

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