Computers Can 't Do Creative Thought? Essay

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When you think of a cyborg, you probably think of a person with metal bits embedded in them, metal arms, computer chips and flashy lights stuck in their brain. The reality is you already are a cyborg. Your augmentations are just held instead of installed. In a smartphone is the capacity to access the entirety of human knowledge and thought by way of the search engine. The human mind is changing, for the better and for the worse. With access to such powerful technology we don 't need to exercise our brain as much; we don 't need to remember all the little facts. However, it also means that we have more capacity for deeper thought. We can let the technology take care of factual knowledge, and we can use our minds for what computers can’t do: creative thought. While technically we would be less knowledgeable, I believe this is offset by the Chinese room thought experiment. It is inarguable that search engines have changed how we think and most people say the overall change is for the worse. However, I say that the change is for the better, we are at the beginning of a combined biological and artificial mind which will make us smarter than any lone human or lone machine.
A few relevant topics that are applicable are somewhat nuanced or often unknown, Search engines are internet tools that bring up relevant websites, videos, pictures, etc when a phrase is input. They are revolutionary because before search engines existed not everything was accessible. You had to find a
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