Computers, Cell Phones, Security Cameras, And Cars Are

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Computers, cell phones, security cameras, and cars are all amazing features that the worlds equipped with to make human lives much easier. However, the inevitable and unfortunate event of a technology failure can cause havoc on many people, but a car computer crashing can become much worse in fact, deadly. Alicia Prince states in her article “Errors like this cause annoyance on our computers and mobile devices, but could potentially cause car accidents with self-driving cars.” (2016) Human drivers can cause many errors resulting in traffic deaths every year and the self-driving amenities calls for a completely safe and secure way of mobility, although nothing starts out perfect. Autonomous car manufactures must design, create, and explore…show more content…
In time, all vehicles on the road will have the self-driving capabilities ensuring a 100% safety rate for everyone. In a world where every vehicle drives itself the possibilities are endless. Stop lights, stop signs, and even speed limits will become a thing of the past. Every vehicle on the road will be able to communicate with each other to configure direction and speed. If vehicles could talk to each other then they would know exactly what the other car will be doing before the car even does it, causing stop signs and traffic lights to go extinct. Speed limits may be compromised as the vehicles will know what will be ahead and behind of them at every second and will be ready to make their turn or exit at ease. Road rage will come to its demise as human drivers will be able to comfortable sit back and enjoy their morning commute to work with a warm, sweet smelling, delightful cup of coffee. Transpiration will become a stress free, on time, and safely way of mobility. Refutation Autonomous cares will be the most luxury and convenient cars to date. however, if the car can perform simple task like driving and parking itself than many important jobs may be sacrificed. Taxi, Uber, Lift and many other driving companies will eventually meet their demise as demand for drivers will be no more. In many instances people take a taxi or personal driver to special events or even just to the airport, with

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