Computers : Components And Malware Malfunctions

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Bryanna Reagin
Computer apps II
Mr. Christian
March 31st 2015

Components and Malware Malfunctions.

Computers might be kind of tricky when you barely know anything about them and googling the problem isn’t working out well. Taking it to a computer expert costs way too much money. Especially, if it has something to do with your internet going out, router acting funny or even something to do with your modem when it’s all simple little things you could have fixed. Maybe you want to learn a little more about the hardware in the computer so you could possibly build your own from the start. Well, after reading this essay you will learn the basics of hardware components and how to troubleshoot your computer. Along with a couple different
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You’ll want to clip in the CPU chip then put on the cooler fan. Both of these are on the motherboard, so be careful not to press too hard and break the motherboard. Hardware isn’t always the problem when your computer won’t work. Sometimes the internet is slow or it doesn’t want to stream a video you want to watch. Just makes you want to scream, right? Your router is the most troublesome but also the most useful. Understanding your router and how it works is extremely important. Every router will act up time to time. A router performs two functions, routes data packets and serves as a wireless access point. The router has a complex responsibilities for a small device. Bridges between the internet and user’s local network, or LAN causes your router to act up. To fix these problems you’ll have to troubleshoot your network. You might be wondering what troubleshooting is and how does it work. Troubleshooting is the process of solving or determining a problem to the issue. Ask yourself these questions, is it plugged in? Is it turned on? If the answer is yes to both of those questions then check the power supplies, power amplifiers, output stages, and cable connectors. There could be some kind of stress that could be messing with any of the four. You should always check the cables in case they were set up wrong, messed with, or just became loose. If your cables are lose then carefully take it out and put it back in. You’ll
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