Computers Highly Contribute Of Dentistry Advancement

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Dean Faculty of Dentistry
Uof G
2Murtada Khalafallah Elbashir
U of G
Dean Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciencesة

Computer is basically an electronic device which can convert data into information at a very high speed and in a reliable and accurate way. It has a large and perfect memory that enables it to handle large volumes of data and analyze it to come up with logical decisions. It has been applied in various medical fields. In this paper we discuss its application in preventive and curative dentistry, where it becomes a powerful tool in educational dentistry, surgery, radiology, etc.
The computer as a tool has become a necessity in dental clinics. It is no longer used as a luxury, but as a powerful tool that is available for a variety of applications related to education and professional development. Computers play tremendous role in different educational and clinical dental displenses as surgery ,periodontolyg, conservative dentistry, lazer, endodontic ,orthodontic, prosthodontic , radiology, implantology ,fronsic and community dentistry. There are many computer programs that were designed to help in accomplishing dental work. The first computer program on a large scale was started in 1981 by SCICON and was commissioned by British Dental Association. Since then computers are being used in community dentistry programs and other fields of dentistry and

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