Computers R Us Case

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Executive summary

Computers R’Us is facing the strong competition from the industry players and within the changing business environment, it is important to conduct the required research to identify the emerging trends from the marketplace. This report looks into the different options of available market information facing by Computers R’Us.


Computers R’Us is going through different phrases of collection, gathering and analyzing different data and data sources to make the necessary business evaluation and assessment about which future options to go for in the future. Below are the detailed analysis report for Computers R’Us.

Case study

Part A

Objective of research topic 1:
Comparative analysis: 3 different computers will
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- online search engine
- telephone
- computer
Key words and phrases sued for online searches:
“Melbourne courier company” Or “Nationwide courier company”

Topic 3
Research requirements:
- rental property within 20km of Melbourne CBD
- monthly rent less than $5500
- can occupy 10 staffs
- with internet access
- with car parking facilities
Business technology used to access to assist research:
- telephone
- computer
- fax machine
Key words and phrases sued for online searches:
“business property for rental 20km Melbourne CBD”
Part C
Topic 1 conclusion:
Instead of using the current computer suppliers, Computers R’Us needs to choose:
- Samsung LS27A850DS/XY S27A850D (PLS) 27 2560 x 1440 5ms HDMI LED Monitor with USB3 (retail price at $786.99, whole sale price at $750) supplier: Tel: 1300 727 446 dispatch at 1-3 days
- Dell PowerEdge T110 II Compact Tower Server - First Server for Small Business (retail price at $1099, whole sale price at $988) supplier 1300 727 446 dispatch at 1-3 days
- Lenovo ThinkCentre M72e Small Form Factor Desktop PC intel i7 1TB 4GB Windows 7 (retail price at $939, whole sale price at $921) supplier 1300 727 446 dispatch at 1-3 days

Topic 2
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I have conducted 3 researches. They are 3 new different computers Samsung LS, Dell PowerEdge and Lenovo ThinkCentreoffered to customers with associated retail prices and wholesale prices. Transdirect Couriers, a new courier company for product delivery has been selected with quicker delivery time and more reliable services.More affordable rental property is selected in South Melbourne for the company to conduct the business in the future.
What the research entailed:
I have conducted three researches. The researches entail:
- Three new computers offering to customers including wholesale and retail prices. These three brands were selected according to their design, connectivity, performance, price and help and support. The ratings were compared and the top 3 leading brands were chosen.
- A new courier company with better delivery services. I have explored the Melbourne-based courier companies and compared their delivery time needed, price and after sale services.
- A cheaper and more suitable rental office property with 20kms of Melbourne CBD. All the business rental properties have been compared according to their monthly rental fees and distance to Melbourne CBD. The property with shorter distance and relatively cheaper prices will be
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