Computers and Digital Baasics

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1: Computers and Digital Basics
3. Facebook and Twitter are examples of social networking options. F
6. An operating system is an example of application software. F
7. Because of increased versatility, a videogame console is now considered a personal computer. f
8. The purpose of a server is to serve computers on a network. T
9. In the binary number system, 2 is used to represent the value 2. F
10. The number 9 can be considered a character. T
11. Because most digital devices are electronic, bytes take the form of electrical pulses. F
13. A compiler like the one shown in the accompanying figure converts all statements in a program to machine language in a single batch. T
14. An interpreter converts and executes one
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A group of computers linked by wired or wireless technology is a(n) ____.
a. network c. cyberspace
b. Web d. Internet
11. The ____ is a collection of linked documents, graphics, and sounds.
a. network c. cyberspace
b. Web d. Internet
12. ____ is a term that refers to entities that exist largely within computer networks.
a. Web c. WWW
b. Internet d. Cyberspace
13. ____ is the process of converting text, numbers, sound, photos, and video into data that can be processed by digital devices.
a. Digitization c. Scanning
b. Digital conversion d. Rasterization
14. Technology ____ is a process by which several different technologies with distinct functionality evolve to form a single product.
a. evolution c. convergence
b. rotation d. diversification
15. More than ____ percent of cameras sold today are digital.
a. 80 c. 90
b. 85 d. 99
16. Digital imaging has had an effect in the following areas: ____.
a. medicine c. photo processing
b. video d. all of the above
17. ____ tools cloak a person’s identity online.
a. Anonymizer c. ID free
b. Free ID d. Cloaking
18. A computer is a multiple purpose device that can do all of the following EXCEPT ____.
a. store data c. accept input
b. process data d. think independently
19. In a computer, most processing takes place in ____.
a. memory c. the CPU
b. RAM d. the motherboard
20. An electronic component that can be programmed to perform tasks is a ____.
a. CPU c. transistor
b. microprocessor d.

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