Computers and Technology: the Downfall of Civilization

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Computers and Technology: The Downfall of Civilization
We are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on computers and technology. Is this dependence on computers and technology a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits?
Since their creation, computers and technology have always been about making our lives easier. From the invention of the light bulb to modern day smart phones, they are helpful devices that most everyone, in one way or another use every day. However, since their creation, they have slowly been forcing society to become ever more dependent on their use. As a society, we continue to depend on computers and technology to get through our daily lives, so the question that needs to be asked is, “Is
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As the thinking machinery continues to evolve, the strategists will keep asking themselves the same question: Is there still a good reason to trust ourselves or should we defer to a computer's calculations (Johnson, 2005)?
Medical Research and Record Keeping
Cancer, AIDS, general disease research and hospital record keeping all depend on computers and their technology. How can computer scientists help in cancer research? According to David Patterson of the New York Times, “Computer scientists may have the best skills to fight cancer in the next decade – they should be signing up in droves” (Patterson, 2011).
With the ability to store our medical records electronically, there will always be the risk and exposure of some our most personal information to hackers and thieves. There have been numerous reports lately of groups such as “Anonymous” breaking into the CIA, shutting down the FBI’s websites and even breaking into state databases for profit and gain.
Space Exploration
Space exploration, missions and the survival of our astronauts, telescopes and satellites all depend on computers and technology. There has always been a computer and its accompanying technology involved when there has been a major breakthrough in science or in any other field, so why would space exploration be any different?
Space exploration has had a lot to gain since the invention of computers and their technology. Before computers, when people used to study the
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