Computers in law enforcement

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Computer is one of the technologies that are used in today’s society mostly by people positively and negatively. This paper will first describe how computers are used in law enforcement. Then, this paper will discover how criminals use this technology and how it causes serious problems for innocent people. Next, this paper will describe how the computer system is or has been helpful in catching criminals and solving the problems. Technology is essentially transforming the face of society and the police work and people are becoming more dependent on them. These technologies such as computer make it easy and possible for organizations and people to get access to, gather, and use many of the information previously unimaginable. Computers can be safe and unsafe tool in the hands of these technologies. In law enforcement, these devices are used to control significant and difficult cases in the extent possible kind of circumstances and deal with conflicts related to the use and misuse of such devices. The academic researchers are continuing to discover how technology may perhaps change the society, however, there is little concentration, focusing on how technology may perhaps transform the nature of policing. In a police work, one thing that stays continuous is that law enforcement is about information. This information that solves crimes includes witnesses’ statement,…
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