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Question 1 Communication across Computime is lacking. According to Wolcott and Lippitz, Computime lacks formal communication channels between Research and Development (R&D) and business unit engineers (2008). If the R&D unit is unaware of how Computime’s customers are innovating a product, how can the department anticipate needs and make adjustments prior to unveiling a new product? Communication needs addressed. Chinese engineers “tend to be less accustomed to sharing problems, offering ideas, and working in teams” (Wolcott & Lippitz, 2008). This is a barrier for Computime, as Chinese engineers may not be able to communicate effectively with the R&D units. To improve communication channels, Computime can use Frans Johnansson’s concept…show more content…
Step 3 – Check for organizational congruence With the opening of the new R&D center in 2006, the formal organization, culture, and people of Computime will need re-aligned (Tushman & O’Reilly, 1997). This is necessary because they do not fit the new vision, since all were established when Computine was a contract manufacturer (OEM), not a global leader of branded products. Step 4 – Develop solutions and take action Possible changes to the formal structure at Computime could include new communication systems and rewards. Possible changes to human resources could include new skills and expertise necessary for branded products. As far as cultural changes, a shift from “manufacturing” to “innovative” is necessary for all employees if Computime wants to become a leader of branded products (Wolcott & Lippitz, 2008). Step 5 – Observe response and learn from the consequences Organizational learning is about finding-good enough solutions to important problems and making error-correcting adjustments to get better and better (Tushman & O’Reilly, 1997). The key for Computime to becoming a global leader in branded products is to continually learn/make improvements from their targeted actions taken in step four. In summary, a congruence analysis will help Computime

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