Computing Ethics and Cyber Law

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1.0 Introduction ____________________________________________________________ _ Information Technology (IT) is gradually becoming one of the hottest topics globally regardless of which age group you are in. Due to the fact that IT enables us to be more efficient and effective, the demand for technology multiplies yearly. Therefore, there is a rapid growth in the technology industry globally, especially the software industry. For the past few years, Malaysia has been slowly in the Information Technology area. Malaysians are more IT literate and the awareness towards technology usage has increased. The high demand towards technology encouraged the country to open up more technological industries. For instant, due to the demands and needs…show more content…
Cyber crime involves activities like credit card fraud, unauthorized access to computer systems, child pornography, software piracy and cyber stalking. Thus, cyber law is needed in political and legal matters related to the Internet and other communication technology. (Osiur Rahman, Mahabubur Rahman & Nour Mohammad, 2004, Law & Our Rights, Retrieved on November 10, 2006 from 3.1 Comparison between Malaysian Cyber Law and European Cyber Law Malaysian Cyber Law (Computer Crime Act 1997) European Cyber Law (Computer Misuse Act 1990) Similarity Provide for offences relating to the misuse of the computers Provide for offences relating to the misuse of the computers Implementation Of Cyber Law (We choose only 2 implementation to discuss) • Conduct raid operation. • Immediate ban towards the sales of CDs in open places (focusing on physical object piracy) • Conduct raid operation. • Quarantine unauthorized website. (focusing on online piracy) Difference • Acts not specific. • Focus more towards piracy awareness as solution. • The lack of effective intellectual property law (High corruption rate) • Acts are specific. • Focus more towards people’s mental model as a solution. • Effective intellectual property law. Table 1.0 – Comparison between Malaysia and European Country 3.1.1 The Similarity between Malaysian Cyber Law and European Cyber Law Malaysia is one of the first few countries in the world to
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