Essay on Computing Trends - Networking Proposal for Rubha Reidh

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Networking Proposal for Rubha Reidh

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Abstract 3 Introduction 5 Overview of Satellite Link Technology 7 Overview of Fibre Optics Link Technology 9 Choice of Satellite over Fibre Internet Connection 10 Wireless Networking Design 12 Mesh Network Backbone 13 802.11 Access Points 15 Intranet Services 16 Challenges 16 Proposed System Design 17 Phase I: Bed and breakfast building to include the private rooms, common area and lounge 17 Phase II: Extending to cover the lighthouse and associated surrounding area 18 Budget 18 Phase I Deployment 18 Phase II Deployment 19 References 21

The aim of the Rubha Reidh internet project is to construct a robust computer network to encompass the
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Establishing a high speed and reliable lighthouse area network will significantly boost the bed and breakfast’s appeal for guests, and help bring the lighthouse into the digital era. Using a wireless mesh network will be more flexible and cheaper than an old-fashioned wired local area network (LAN). That is beside the fact that wireless networks are easy to install, expand, and have the additional advantage of presenting a portable wireless link to the bed and breakfast residents.
This internet-networking project will be made up of two distinctive phases. In Phase I, a small-scale network will be developed. The lessons learnt in Phase I will appraise the plan for Phase II, in which the network will be expanded to include the whole area that the lighthouse lays claim to. The final network will back wireless connectivity between guests and the bed and breakfast intranet services at data speeds approximating 54 Mbps. The services that will be delivered to include Web sites, email, and contact with the internet.

Networking Proposal for Rubha Reidh
Accommodation services at the bed and breakfast located in the lighthouse at Rubha Reidh have been severely affected by the absence of a robust and reliable setup for offering internet services. While other accommodation facilities across Scotland and the rest of the world are

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