Essay about Conan Doyle’s Crime Stories

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Why do you think Conan Doyle’s crime stories have been so popular?

I’m going to closely examine some of Conan Doyle’s stories in order to show why they have proved to be so popular. Conan Doyle has been branded the “father of crime fiction” because he was an outstanding author among the first crime stories writers. First of all I would like to focus our attention on the first story which were published in
“The Strand magazine” in the 1800s

At some point during this period Conan Doyle decided not to write for the magazines and this led to an excessive plummeting of the sales off
“the Strand”. Some readers made a profit much to demonstrate the withdraw of Doyle’s stories. This suggests that the stories had become
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This seems to work with Conan
Doyle because this kind of presentation is convincing the reader.

The main reason why Conan Doyle begins “The Speckled Band” with
Sherlock Holmes outstanding detective qualities is based on the fact that he wants to market him as somebody worth reading about Sherlock
Holmes comes across us an intellect detective and is comparable to modern day crime busters, as opposed to police force of his day who
Conan Doyle portrayed as incompetent and imaginative. So Sherlock
Holmes was like a bright shining star in the darkness that engrossed the crimes world of his day.

Many readers read Conan Doyle’s stories with the ultimate aim of comparing wits with those of Sherlock Holmes they wanted to know id they could use the same clues he used to solve the mystery of the crimes, then as expect Sherlock Holmes would beat them at the game.
This competition sprit leads the readers to look out for the next story to see whether they would beat or be defeated by Sherlock

Conan Doyle’s focuses on all genders male and female. In the “The
Speckled Band” the client becomes Helen Stoner who is a helpless woman which has loss her mother and use to live with her sister which is now dead, who lives with her step father, Dr Roylott. She is one in many of Sherlock Holmes clients which tries to investigate her sister’s death. As Sherlock Holmes all believes
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